Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Hitcher

The Hitcher (2007)

Repeat Offender

Directed By:
Dave Meyers

Sean Bean
Sophia Bush
Zachary Knighton
Neal McDonough

Favorite Character:
John Ryder

Plot Summary:
College sweethearts (gag me!) Jim and Grace are on a road trip (WOOOHOOOOO! ROAD TRIP!!!) to go visit friends of hers for Spring Break. While driving through New Mexico, one dark and stormy night (I know, cliche right?), they almost run over a man who is standing in the road next to a broken down car and end up spinning out (which is actually really fun...unless of course you've just been hit by a car that's run a red light). Jim and Grace are freaked (cuz they're WUSSIES) and Jim wants to do the right thing and check on the guy and make sure he is alright (clearly he's never seen a horror movie in his life) and Grace demands they go and starts to freak out (clearly she's seen too many). Jim is waaaaaaaay pussy-whipped and he takes off as ordered only to stop a few miles down the road at some BFE gas station.

Jim, trying to do the right thing, tells the lazy-eyed clerk that there's a guy broken down and asks if he can send out a tow truck to help the guy which is a no can do. It's alright though, the stranded motorist ends up getting a lift from a trucker and ends up at the same gas station...what a coinkydink. Jim and the motorist, John Ryder, meet (AWWWWWKWAAAAARD!) and the clerk suggests he and Grace give Ryder a lift to the next town which is only a hop, skip, and a jump up the road.

Jim ends up pussying out and agreeing to give the guy a lift and more awkwardness ensues in the car as they make small talk until Ryder crosses the line by asking Jim if he's "tapping that ass" although he uses much more colorful language. At that point Jim gets pissed off and then Ryder pulls out a knife and nothing says "Imma cut you bitch" like picking dried blood off of a switchblade.

A struggle ensues and Ryder is kicked out of the car, while it's moving, and the young couple think that they've escaped. How wrong they are. What happens next is a cat-and-mouse on crack game, including a truly spectacular car chase (one of the best uses of a NIN song...EVER!), and only the strong shall survive...or the small bladdered...whoever happens to be the luckier son-of-a-bitch.

Favorite Quote(s):
Lieutenant Esteridge: Son of a bitch! You've gotta be five finger fucking me!

Favorite Scene:
The car chase with the cops. That scene is SUPERB!!!

This is another remake, sad to say, that I have not seen the original of...not all the way through anyway. I've tried watching the original Hitcher at least six times and I always end up getting bored halfway through, or getting distracted by something else. I know that people love that version, infinitely more, than they love this one....and I'm not saying that it doesn't deserve it, because I didn't hate what I saw...I just feel that this version doesn't deserve to be as badly panned as it is.

Yeah, it's not original...might I point out that it is a fucking remake? Yeah, Sean Bean isn't as creepy as Rutger Hauer is...but then again who is? Besides, Sean Bean is way too hot to ever be as creepy as Rutger is. He does, however, run with this role and tries to give it more depth, emotion, and, dare I say, motive.

I think the main problems with the film, other than trying to do a carbon copy of the original, was that it required the watcher to suspend too much disbelief. There are some scenes, while completely entertaining, that are hard to take seriously because you know it's just not possible. With that being said, I feel it important to point out that I do not have a hard time suspending disbelief in a movie, especially a horror one, and I realize that it is a movie and part of the appeal of a movie is that very thing. This one, however, really pushes that boundary with several key scenes in the film.

It also, in many respects, loses tension over time where the cat and mouse game is concerned. At first you're on the edge of your seat, the movie does a great job of building that initial feeling of suspense and dread, but it isn't able to maintain the momentum for the duration.

If you like Sean Bean or you've never seen the original watch it and decide for yourself.

Interesting Fact:

Sean Bean spent little time, off-screen, with his young co-stars so as to distance their relationship and make himself seem more unknown and menacing. He believed this would drive the chemistry in a more realistic fashion.




  1. You do right a very good review. Fair and interesting. I thoroughly enjoy the sarcastic/snarky comments throughout I'm Proud! I have not seen this one or the original because I thought this one looked just stupid. I may watch it now.

  2. Wow I just read over that post I meant to say something like you do a very good review and right... something like that I'm not sure where I was going with that weird sentance